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The OCA-YP Kick Off Dinner

The OCA-YP Kick Off Dinner was deemed a success with over a hundread members and non-membrs in attendance. Starting Year 2002 with a "kick" coming out the stalls, the "Newly Elected Board" with Sandy Chang at the helm, shows their enthusiasm by producing an eventful dinner at the Sichuan Pavilion in Washington D.C., on Friday March 8th, 2002. The annual event is traditionally held to welcome new members to OCA-YP and to communicate benefits to interested non-members. To aid in communicating members' benefits, three key representatives of the OCA parental chapters were welcomed and were given the opportunity to relay membership information. The event also facilitated the promotion of Asian American events happening locally, such as, "Creative Explosion: The Spirit of API Feminism through Performance" and a professional boxing event that featured an Asian boxer, Rico Tan. The event presented a fun filled night of laughter and entertainment as Jack Hom and Sandy Chang hosted the Ice Breaker Game Show. The evening ended with Tom Wang, the entire OCA-YP Board, along with members and non-members who danced the night away at Ozio's.