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OCA-YP Bulletin Board 2003



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OCA-YP 's Dim Sum...

Another successful event, organized by the OCA-YP board along with Sandy Chang, YP's newly elected President at the helm.

Then Some ...

YPs Members of the Board, Ruth Wong, Linda Wang and Charles Siu, hosted the Mini Golf activity after Dim Sum.




July 02 Event:


Co-hosted by OCA-YP and OCA NOVA, the event was a success as a bunch of us met for brunch at Eastern Market in Washington D.C., on Saturday, July 6th. The sweltering heat of the past two days, gave way to cooler temperatures, resulting in a beautiful day to be out and about. We all had a blast, as we socialized while waiting in line for crab cakes, then shopping in the market afterwards. There were "new faces" as well as familiar ones that we haven't seen in a while, it was an overall welcoming event. Board members in attendance were, Sandy Chang (OCA_YP President), Linda Wang (OCA-YP Membership Chair), Lincoln Cheng (OCA-YP Board member), William Lue (OCA-YP /OCA NOVA ), Thanitha Yongvanichjit (OCA NOVA - Membership Chair) and Wei-ping Chan (OCA-NOVA Board member).


EVENT: OCA-DC and APA Service Corps

Greater DC Cares Servathon 2002

This past weekend OCA-YP, OCA NOVA/APA Service Corp., and OCA DC participated in the Greater DC Cares Eleventh Annual Servathon on May 18, 2002. Servathon 2002 is the single largest volunteer service and pledge-raising event in the greater Washington D.C. area. Volunteers provided more than 20,000 hours of service to our community. Together, volunteers landscaped parks, built trails, made safe places for children to play, spruced up seniors' homes and neighborhoods, and brightened the homes and lives of low-income people in our community. To put this achievement in context, the work that volunteers did would take one person, working a 40-hour week, almost 10 years to complete.

Archived event info...


APA Service Corps &

OCA-DC Community Outreach 2003

May 31, 2003, Saturday, 8:45 AM – 1:30 PM (Service).

For more information about events or membership, please contact Linda Wang or Teach Roberts


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